Discovering Broken Hill and the Outback beyond

When visiting broken Hill there is just so much to see - and there is a risk that unless you find a really good guide, you will miss out on one or more spectacular Broken Hills attractions.

Tri State Safaris - your guides for Broken Hill and the Outback

Emaroo Cottages’ ‘go-to people’ for touring Broken Hill and beyond is Tri State Safaris. Joanne and Mike, Tri State Safari principals have been taking people on local and outback tours around Broken Hill and beyond for 24 years - they certainly know their way around the district and region.

One Day Broken Hill and Silverton Tour

Many people find the One Day Broken Hill and Silverton Explorer Tour a great way to familiarise themselves with the district. This tour takes in the sights of Broken Hill and Silverton and a host of stops in between. If you want to see more there is a range of other tours to suit your itinerary, detailed on Tri State safari’s website

Tag-Along Tours for the independent 4WD driver

Many avid 4x4 drivers would find the Tag-along Tours a refreshing change from traditional coach touring. In Tag-along Tours you accompany the tour in your own 4 wheel drive vehicle and still get to hear the tour commentary over UHF radio, join the main group for catered meals and more.

Learn to drive a 4WD in Broken Hill

I was surprised to discover that even I could learn to drive a 4 wheel drive while in Broken Hill with Tri State Safari’s sister company Australian 4WD Academy.

Pickup & Drop Off at your Emaroo Cottage

Visitors to Emaroo Cottages will be pleased with the convenience of having Tri State Safaris pick you up and drop you off from your cottage.

Give Tri State Safaris a call on +61 8 8088 2389 and discover Broken Hill’s beautiful outback. 

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