You can bring your beloved pet with you to Emaroo Cottages!

Emaroo Oxide, Emaroo Tramway, Emaroo Williams and Emaroo Argent cottages are pet friendly with fully enclosed back yard areas. We even provide a dog bowl for water and food whilst your beloved pet enjoys their time with you on your Broken Hill break. 

We've been sure to maintain grassed areas too so that your dog can enjoy a roll around and feel a little cooler in the warmer months. If they love ball games, it's the perfect spot to run around and fetch!

Here's just a few tips we've learnt about travelling with dogs on holidays

- Make sure that you animal is microchipped by your local Vet before heading away. Whilst at the Vet, get a general checkup and that they have had all the necessary vaccinations

- Have suitable car restraint for your pet, from soft mesh carriers to canine seat belts, it's important that your animal is safely restrained in the car

- Check that you have packed your animal's medication if they take any, favourite toys, blankets, travelling water and food bowl, food for snacks along the way.

- Whilst on the road, stop to walk dogs often

- So that you enjoy your car travel, feed and exercise your dog several hours before you depart. 

- Once you arrived have a lovely play with your dog in the enclosed back yard and then take them for a walk. 

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