Star Gazing in Broken Hill

Something you must do whilst staying as a guest of Emaroo Cottages, deluxe accommodation in Broken Hilli is to gaze at the stunning starscapes with Outback Astronomy.

'Outback Astronomy' offers personalised tours of the night sky, providing intriguing facts and showcasing dazzling sky objects.  Unlike the city where light pollution makes star gazing difficult, Broken Hill is the ideal location for naked-eye and binocular-assisted astronomy tours.

Linda the owner of Outback Astronomy shares what you can expect to see during your Outback Astronomy Experience

“Your feet will be firmly planted on Earth but with a little imagination, your senses will float off into space.

Tour narration is provided by your knowledgeable sky guide. With eyes alone, you will soak up the vastness of the Outback skies. You will gain a sense of the scale of Universe. Using powerful binoculars, you can focus on some spectacular objects like nebulae, star clusters and other galaxies.

You may choose to recline for the entire show or you may prefer to stand.

Your sky show will last 60 minutes. There is a requirement to attend the viewing site 15 minutes earlier to assist with preparing your night vision.”

If you are a visitor from a major city to Broken Hill, this kind of experience will be hard to beat!

For more information visit Outback Astronomy’s Website
Photo credit: Jason King

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